White Tail

In the video for “ White Tail”, Heather lies beneath the full moon and a surreal, layered dream world unfolds where unusual storm clouds shape-shift over mountain tops and sand and soap bubbles form strange planes of existence. This surreal, atmospheric video was created using mostly analog special effects techniques; a cloud tank, a ripple machine, and experimentation with the movement of water, sand, and soap bubbles using a macro lense and a microscope. As the lyrics in White Tail suggests, “ surrender to sleepless shifting”… and let the full moon envelop you.

Director: Tracy Maurice

Cinematography: Tracy Maurice

Cinematography for footage of Heather Woods Broderick & Oregon Landscapes: Devin Febbroriello

Sound Design for Intro: Tommy Crane

Editor: Armen Harootun Production Company: Serpent Power Productions

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