DOMES is out in the world today! 
Comprised of 7 cyclical cello drone pieces that emerged from a quiet place of reflection and improvisation, Domes represents my first fully instrumental collection of work. These atmospheric meanderings began as a way to connect with the cello again – not just to understand what we can do with the instrument, but what the sound it emits can do to us. 
The pieces feel, to me, like grounding sounds, strong, able to bear weight. They build and fall away, like the peaks and valleys of emotions, the gradual accretion and erosion of a landform, or the construction and deconstruction of an edifice. 
The 7 pieces on Domes represent shape, support, and mass.  They form a series of layered, repeated melodies which, in practice, made me feel calm, relieved, and curious. I hope it has the same effect for the listener.
DOMES is available today via Dauw for limited edition vinyl preorder, cassette, and pay what you wish for digital/streaming on Bandcamp exclusively for 14 days. Streaming on all other platforms will be available after the 2 week period. 
Thank you Dauw label for releasing this record as part of your beautifully curated label. And to Peter Broderick for additional arrangement, processing & mixing, D. James Goodwin for mastering, and Femke Strijbol for making the beautiful artwork.