Labyrinth was released via Western Vinyl on April 7, 2023!

This record is rooted in curiosity, imagination, perception, perseverance, appreciation, density, space, and the beauty and wonder that lies between the cracks. I learned so much through the process of writing this record, and I’m excited to be able to share it with you all!

I produced this record along with D. James Goodwin, and it was recorded between my home studio and The Isokon. We had so much fun collaborating on this record, and I’m so grateful to Dan for his support and help in completing this collection of songs. Dan is also featured playing and singing, and mixed and mastered the record as well.

Thank you to the handful musicians who contributed to the record and release in various ways: Lisa Hannigan, Omniscuro, Dean Anshutz, Peter Broderick, Andrew Carlson.

And special thanks to Ben Stubbington for the album design, and to Jeremy Johnstone for directing all three music videos for the record. Album portrait by Sophie Kuller, Jeremy Johnstone.

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