Blood Run Through Me

Blood Run Through Me is the first single from Labyrinth. It’s a song about connection and the ways in which we move through our experiences, in relation to one another. Everyone has their own perspective or view through which they experience life, and although we move through life somewhat collectively, we each have our own story to tell. We can learn so much about each other through observation if we can remove judgements or assumptions.

Thank you so much to the beautiful people who are featured in this video, and who were open to letting us get up close to highlight the magic in their movements large and small.

Conceptualized by Ben Stubbington
Masterfully directed, shot and edited by Jeremy Johnstone

Intro sound design Allen Blickle

Recorded and produced by Heather Woods Broderick and D. James Goodwin
Mixed/mastered by D. James Goodwin at The Isokon
Featuring D. James Goodwin and Lisa Hannigan on Vocals, and Daniel Sparks / Omniscuro on some beats.

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